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We at STEM Champion understand the importance of ensuring young learners are aware of the vast possibilities that a career in a STEM industry can offer them. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) subjects within the younger generations, and to demystify the misconceptions surrounding the area. Our most recent attempt to achieve this is in the form of a fun, educational quiz game called STEM Streak.

This is a competitive card game where students collect cards by answering STEM questions in order to fill their STEM grid while using special cards to stop their opponents doing the same. With over 40 careers within one deck, this allows students to link what they are currently learning in school to present STEM careers.



Student, Year 10

I would like to play more editions of the game to keep learning about different jobs I could take in the STEM industry.


Teacher, WMG Academy

It’s really informative for the students while having an engaging game and not even realise that they’re learning at the same time.


Student, Year 8

The range in difficulty of the questions made the game special because you didn’t know whether or not you would complete your grid when you were close to winning.


Teacher, St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

It showed the children, in a fun way, how what we learn in class can apply to jobs in the real world.

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